John (J): Sir, I am getting released from this project. Our Resource Manager told me that they would assign me to a new project but it can be in any location/geography, any domain moreover, I may have to undergo additional training which could be on some new technology and also soft skills. Feeling nervous ‘coz new boss/people/project, new customer, new place, new culture. Worried about sustaining my Performance Band (Rating) and image of Star Performer in the changed circumstances. Can you guide please?

Mentor (M): Simple! Remember the principle of ‘Love @ first sight’.

J: What? What has ‘Love @ first sight’ to do with success at new project?

M: Don’t go by the dictionary meaning of ‘Love @ first sight’. Remember- first impression is the last impression! Here, your energy, enthusiasm and initial conduct should be such that the new stakeholders (customer, new boss, your team..) should automatically fall in love with you, pretty much the same way as the mother falls in love with her child when she sees him/her the first time after delivery. Conversely, you need to take ownership of the new project just like the mother takes ownership of her child. Look at it as new life, new relationship. You are creating a personal bond and brand in some way. This is what I mean by ‘Love @ first sight’.

J: Sounds interesting. But can you please elaborate?

M: Friend, remember! Change is the only constant in life. Be it professional life or personal life. In order to succeed in the changed circumstances, simply understand and implement the ABC of the change. In this case it’s a change of project for you. Right?

J: That’s right. But whats ABC?

M: A = Accept the change, new role responsibility etc; B = Be the change yourself. Play the new role to perfection with full integrity and C = Care for the new environment like the mother would care for her child. The single most critical success factor is how effectively you can relate to people. Imagine a simple ‘shake hand’. The warmth of your shake hand coupled with a gentle smile can convey lot of sincerity and commitment to the person opposite. And it can help in creating and sustaining new relationships which can help you in weathering several project storms like escalations especially when circumstances may not be entirely in your control.

J: Thanks Sir for LAFS!

M: Whats that?

J:Love At First Sight’ is the simple way of succeeding in any change.